Stone circle

Stone is the eternal substance on the planet. This is why the oldest items on Earth have been made of stone.

Stone - the energy-absorbing material, which contains quartz crystals. These can save the information for ages and spread it to the environment by a certain form of vibrations. People are able to operate quartz vibrations by arranging stones in a certain manner.

Stone circle is an ancient symbol of the Sun, which people used in all historical periods, on all continents, in different traditions.

Stone Circle is a symbol of Unity and Harmony, which is reflected in various spheres of life. 

Since ancient times people knew about the force of stone and their circle energy, they knew how to use for their interaction with nature and Mother Earth nature.

Stone Circle emits the vortex flow of energy emanated in different directions.

The Circle signifies the energies of the world. It can be used for the interaction with these energies influencing nature. Being on the inside of the Circle it is possible to harmonize the Soul-Body, to be healed, to connect with the ancestors and Mother Earth wisdom.

The Ancients consulted by the Circle the natural spirits, made important decisions, organized feasts and gatherings.

The Circle also enhances the energies of the surrounding area. It spreads through the immense territory. It is also a beautiful element and the ornament of an indescribable beauty on the body of Mother Earth.

Circle of the Stones by its energy interacts with the energies of the time.