Bonsai garden

Bonsai is the combination of two words: „Bon“ ir „Sai“. The word "Bon" in Japanese means tray, and the word “Sai“ – to grow or plant. Literally translated word means "to plant on the tray" or "to grow on the tray". Very often people mistakenly think that bonsai is a separate tree species, but it is a form of art expressed through growing of all kinds of plants and trees. You will probably ask why it is a form of art?

I often equate bonsai cultivation with drawing - we use paper, pencil and colours for drawing... having these tools you can draw a tree. And now let's take bonsai instead of paper - you have a planting with many branches, and instead of pencil and colours - scissors and wire, so you have to cut unnecessary planting branches, form it's trunk and branches using a wire the way so it would look like naturally growing old tree. This is bonsai basis that we learn to feel from nature, masters, bonsai themselves. And 30 years old bonsai might not necessarily look better than well-formed 5 years old planting. To compare with drawing - a tree drawn on the white sheet of paper might not necessarily look nicer than a tree drawn on the scratch of newspaper - it depends on the person who drew this tree. Bonsai can survive very long time, because it has a constant human supervision. In Japan you can find bonsai trees that are 800-1000 years old..

Bonsai garden has appeared in our Garden a little bit unexpectedly. After the presentation of our Japanese garden project in Tokyo in January 2010 few Japanese bonsai growers offered as a support to give about 700 bonsai trees from 4 to 180 years old.

Master Hajime Watanabe for the purposes of presentation of exposition has created bonsai garden, in which currently about thousand 180 old bonsai trees are on display: pines, firs, junipers, azaleas, maples, sakura, plums, quince and others.

By supporting our garden you can purchase a wide variety of bonsai trees.

A man sees a tree, in his mind creates new forms of that tree, and he begins to realize his concept. Man alone cannot create a bonsai tree, as well the tree itself. Everything should be done according to the principles of partnership and understanding, but it takes time. By using wire, water and the light, planting moss, cutting the roots, man explains to a tree what he wants from it. If the instructions are clear enough, the tree will respond and be obedient. Almost... This is the longest created sculpture and sometimes the question may arise, if it's a sculptor-man or tree. /T.Starjohn „Slow sculpture“/.