Tea house

Tea house. World in the tea cup

As the tea ceremony is directed to a spiritual balance, it is also popular in our times, which are characterized by an active spiritual destruction. When life starts to gush like a stirred up river, bringing a lot of pain, stress, sometimes you need to stay on the coast. The place, where a man could talk to himself, to beauty, to come back to himself, to his thoughts and all of that what is not included in the "everyday" concept is needed. Tea drinking ceremony in our Tea house is a perfect place for that.

In Lithuania, Christianity tried by all means to destroy the natural beliefs and a worldview based on them, in meanwhile in Japan the Buddhism has not only passed the most important Shinto shaped moral and ethical standards of the relation between human and nature, but also gave them the philosophical content.

The essence of the tea ceremony is the inner connection of the participants, concentration, contemplation, and conversation with oneself, with art, in accordance with the four basic principles of the tea drinking ceremony - harmony, respect, purity and tranquillity.

It is important that the ritual takes place naturally. Mutual respect, as well as the respect for the nature, each ceremony thing, even the slightest detail should prevail. Through the beauty we should seek the purity, purification from everyday dirt, confusion. The noise, bustle, words are not needed, as only in silence we can concentrate, listen to ourselves, make the inner contact without using words /Romualdas Neimantas „Spirit of Nature“/.

In our Teahouse you can enjoy the Matcha green tea from Japan.

What is Matcha green tea?

Matcha is made from tea grown in the fields hidden from direct sunlight for more than 20 days with the straw net before it will be gathered. After the tealeaves are being evaporated and dried the green mass is separated from the core to produce tencha, and then tencha is crushed into powder in the hand-held stone mills, so we could enjoy matcha. Grown in a shadowy environment matcha has sufficient flavour and contains a large amount of tannins, which provide a rich and strong flavour.

For the preparation of matcha, the water of 80 degrees is poured and mixed with tea with a bamboo whisk.

Operating hours (spring time, from the 1st of May):

 VI-VII 11:00-19:00

Price: 2,50 EUR

We recommend to book tickets for groups in advance.