Japanese Garden - Garden of Partnership

Our garden was established in October 2007 as the largest (16 hectares) Japanese garden in Europe. The dream to establish it was born out of a desire to show love to the nature of the homeland Samogitia and thank the Mother Earth. After learning about the idea Master Hajime Watanabe accepted it as a challenge and started enthusiastically realize the idea with his team.

Japanese garden is an integral part of Japanese culture. Throughout the ages it embraced religion, art and a respectful approach to nature.

Garden creation art practice in Ancient Japan reaches the seventh century, Nara period (710-794), in which the influence of China was strongly felt.

Since we have pagan roots, the Japanese love of nature and respect for all elements of nature will not be difficult to understand.

For the purposes of uncovering the greatness of stones and the strength of the area the idea of a Japanese garden has been chosen. Samogitians are the last pagans in Europe. Traditional Japanese religion is Shinto (Eng. "way of the gods"). It is a pagan religion, whose object of the worship is kami – nature and it's elements (trees, mountains, stones, springs) or phenomena.

The Japanese try to emphasize their uniqueness everywhere, but only wanted to "disappear" in nature.

The Japanese believe that everything is alive, and so the man being the same life as anything else in nature does not become a special being. He is only one of the elements of nature. And there can be no hierarchy in nature.

The Japanese say: what is a human life compared to the tree life? The tree with its longevity and experience should be much higher and above man. This philosophy is reflected in the Japanese gardens. There is nothing more important than other things; everything is an indisputable unity, harmonious whole.

The Japanese think: if you are intruding into nature and try to change it, you have to do it perfectly, to raise your work into the artistic heights. Here reign both perfect aesthetics and harmony.

It is the place for meditation and self-knowledge. We hope that our garden also for you will become the place of recognition of Beauty and Harmony.

Man may claim a lot of places to being strong. This strength is related not only with important points of the Earth, but also with embedded in them human spiritual energy: we feel it the way it was given and added to the place...

The place where we are is known as the Musician Hill. This is the highest point in this area.

Here we have a lot of Sky. Here the strong people create.

Here you will find nothing exotic, but you may feel differently.

In order to feel it, you have to come here with good intentions, feelings and wishes.

We call our Japanese garden the garden of partnership since the creation of the garden takes place on a voluntary basis.


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